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Cocoa & Hot Chocolate

Swiss Miss, Unicorn Marshmallows, Hot Cocoa Mix

6 ct
6 ct
Swiss Miss
Go on a magical journey with each sip of Swiss Miss Unicorn Marshmallows Hot Cocoa Mix. This fun hot cocoa drink mix easily transforms into a rich and creamy hot cocoa with a rainbow of colorful marshmallows for an extra-special twist. This Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix is packaged in portioned individual envelopes, so every mug of unicorn hot cocoa comes out perfectly. You won't miss your old hot chocolate with marshmallows. This unicorn hot cocoa powder is made with real cocoa and nonfat milk to give you that comforting, rich and creamy taste you expect from Swiss Miss. It's made with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Preparing a mug of this hot cocoa with marshmallows is easy.