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Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Oatly, Ice Cream Strawberry

16 oz
16 oz
Non Dairy
Oatly Strawberry Non Dairy Frozen Dessert. Let’s talk flavor strategy. Yes, it’s a thing in the product development world. So a lot of other players in this category have a “strawberries & cream” game plan, but our strategy is to let the star player be the star player. (You may be glad to know, with that last sentence, we’ve reached the quota for sports references on an oat company website, so please read on with confidence.) Even though our strawberries pair amazingly well with our oat base, our goal was never a strawberries & cream flavor. We’re making strawberry here, people. And in keeping with the bold flavor theme, we’ve added a touch of lemon and sea salt to bring out the strawberries’ best talents. The result is that if it was summer and you were in a field eating juicy red strawberries brushed lightly with the leaf of a citrus tree, you wouldn’t have to try this product because you would already know exactly what it tastes like.