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About Food Rocket

What is Food Rocket?
Food Rocket provides customers 15+ minute grocery delivery without the delivery fee or minimum order requirements from our dark stores within a 2-mile radius.

Where does Food Rocket deliver?
Check if Food Rocket is already in your area! If not, we will be soon!

When will Food Rocket deliver in my City?
Just let us know where we should go next. We will do our best to get there as soon as possible

What are the opening hours?
Currently, we are able to be there for you from Monday to Sunday between 8 am-11 pm.

What is the cost of ordering?
Our delivery is free!

How long does delivery normally take?
Delivery generally takes 15-30 minutes depending on local conditions and circumstances. If delivery times are running later than normal in your location, you’ll be notified in the app before checkout. After placing your Food Rocket order, you’ll be given an order status view containing an estimated delivery time.

Can I place an order in advance?
We do not currently offer the ability to schedule a delivery for a future time or date. This is a feature we may introduce in the future, so keep in touch for updates!

Can I have different addresses saved?
Yes, you can. Go to your profile settings and add as many addresses as you want into the ‘Addresses’ field.

Can I purchase alcohol on Food Rocket?
We currently have no alcoholic beverages.

Can I pay with cash?
No, it is not possible to pay with cash. Everything is contactless and runs through the App.

How do I contact Food Rocket Customer Service?
If you ever experience any trouble with your order or have a question, contact our Customer Service Team via in app chat or email us at

Can I tip a rider?
Yes, you can. You can tip the rider before your order arrives through our app. We prefer to avoid cash tips due to the corona situation. Whether you tip or not is completely up to you.

What if my order arrived late?
We do our utter best to deliver within 15 or 30 minutes depending on the zone. If we’re above 20 minutes, please open a chat with us and let us know that this happened so we can find a solution as quickly as possible.